Customer Comments

"Our family thoroughly enjoyed the baked goodies that came our way each week. I think we each have a favorite and look forward to future business with The Whole Grain Bakery."

"Our family chose to join The Whole Grain Bakery bread share program for the summer. I was so thankful to have someone else do my baking during the hot season. As a mother I felt confident outsourcing our baking and feeding my children local, organic bread that was an affordable price. The breads and baked goods were consistent every week in quality and taste. Our favourites were the cinnamon rolls, homemade bread, and honey seed cookies."

"We are a bit partial, as the wheat comes from our farm; that being said we feel Coral out does herself with ALL her products. Home grown, no additives and deliciously made."

"Ordering from the Whole Grain Bakery was the smartest investment I ever made in the summer of 2015!"

"We made our first pick-up for our bakery share today. Before we left the driveway my son & I were into the coconut lemon syrup muffins which we thought were delicious! I have since tried the Scottish Shortbread with some tea after supper....again, delicious! I am very pleased with your product so far and look forward to trying some of the other goodies." 

"Just wanted to let you know, got rave reviews about your bread, thanks again!"