Apr 23, 2014

Acadia Wheat

Acadia wheat (coming straight from our fantastic neighbours at Barnyard Organics), will be the most important ingredient in all our recipes. Here are some interesting quotes in regards to this heritage grain. 

“…Some hopeful news is coming from bakers who have tried Acadia wheat. It seems that people who normally have sensitivities to wheat may have an easier time with the older variety. Some people who have had to switch away from wheat to spelt bread are finding that Acadia bread is all right for them. People who are normally sensitive to gluten, however, are less likely to be able to tolerate any wheat, heritage or not...... One person who normally breaks out in a rash and has throat constriction when exposed to wheat said that the Acadia wheat produced a much more subdued allergic response. If more people ate bread made with a heritage wheat like Acadia, would fewer people develop the sensitivities to wheat that we see now?"  - Grassrootsolutions.com/heritagewheat

"Gluten is the name for the protein in wheat, rye and barley. In wheat there are 9 different proteins. The two in the highest concentration are the most important to our digestion. In the older varieties of wheat they are in a relative concentration that seems to fit our digestive system. As we continued to change our wheat through inbreeding, outbreeding and crossbreeding we have, quite by chance, changed this relative concentration, so that now we have about 25% of our population who have trouble digesting wheat. This condition is called “Wheat intolerance.” It would be a continuum with mild cases at one end and sever cases (celiac) at the other. The Acadia wheat would be classified as a heritage breed (Sask. 1937) and hence would be somewhat easier for the majority of people to digest.” - Richard Wetmore, Speerville Flour Mills